Whether you’re a Company that needs to get the job done, a private individual that needs to get to that hunting spot or get the Ice Hut on or off the ice the Argo 8X8 is the way to go. It’s Extreme off road capabilities are unmatched in the UTV world. It’s a UTV, Snow machine and a Boat all in one. We can also customize a unit for your personal needs, R.O.P.S., Cabs, Rubber Tracks, etc…

Argo 8x8
$225 per day
$450 per weekend
$1125 per week
$3375 per month


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ATV's & UTV's

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Why purchase a trailer if you don’t need to own one. If the occasion presents it self and a trailer is needed come and rent one and save.

5' x 8' Utility Trailer
6' x 12' & 8' x 12' Utility Trailer
16' Car & Equipment Haulers
$35 per day$50 per day$75 per day
$70 per weekend$100 per weekend$150 per weekend
$175 per week$250 per week$375 per week
$525 per month$750 per month$1125 per month

8' x 24' Flat Bed Trailer
20' Equipment Float
6' x 12' Enclosed Trailers/ 7' x 12' Enclosed Trailer
$85 per day$150 per day$65 per day/$95 per day
$170 per weekend$300 per weekend$130 per weekend/$190 per weekend
$425 per week$750 per week$325 per week/$475 per week
$1275 per month$2250 per month$975 per month/$1425 per month

Marooka Carriers

Contact us for Morooka for MST800VD and MST2200VD rental pricing.

Rentals - Delivery Service


Argo 8x8 XTI
Arctic Snowplows
Argo 8x8 XTI
Arctic Snowplows
Argo 8x8 XTI
Arctic Snowplows