At Timmins Rent All & Equipment Sales our Mission is to make sure each customer that deal with us has a good experience. We have built our business on trying to give the best possible customer service we can in the past 20 years and looking forward to many more. We learned early on that by giving good service customers will be back and tell there friends. In 20 years we have built strong-long term relationships with our customers that still stand to this day. Wether you come in for the smalest part or the largest piece of equipment, we will make sure to give you our best. Repeat business has been a big part of our success. Since our humble bigginings as a small tool rental house, to being one of the largest Argo Dealer in Canada, from renting small hand tools to renting 20 ton Morooka Carrier, we want to continue serving our customers as best as we can.


At Timmins Rent All & Equipment Sales our goal is to continue giving our customers the best service possible, and try to expand our lines in such a way to continue being different from the other companies around us. In the past 10 years we have been trying to develop new platforms for Extreme Terrain Vehicles, we have designed platforms for the mining and exploration industries, we have designed crane platforms for Argo Vehicles, we have designed rescue vehicles, people carriers for the most challenging terrain and conditions. Our goal is to continue supporting our everyday customers and keep developing low cost solutions for our commercial customers in Extreme Terrain Challenges.



Argo 8x8 XTI
Arctic Snowplows