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Snow Dogg Plow

Featuring the highest quality components for unmatched durability and performance.

Snow Dogg Spreader

From 100 lb. to 16 yd. capacity, from manual walk-behind to electric drive, gas powered or hydraulic drive.

Arctic Snow Plow

The Arctic lineup consists of fully galvanized and poly/galvanized units, light, standard, heavy duty & V-plows.

Since 1969, the roar of an orange Arctic snowplow has often meant the difference between shutting things down and keeping things moving. Confronted with some of the harshest conditions on the planet, Arctic has been there to put winter where it belongs – on the side of the road.

With decades of manufacturing experience, Arctic has earned a reputation for performance and durability that is as much a product of brains, as it is of brawn.

Exceeding design and manufacturing requirements is essential when you are building equipment to fight winter in the True North. Beyond tremendous durability, all of our plows also employ advanced blade design mechanics to initiate a rolling motion that moves more of even the stickiest snow. This means less resistance, less wear on power trains, and greater fuel economy.

Meyer Snow Plow

In 1926 Meyer Products began building snowplows on a farm in Newburgh, New York. It was then and there Meyer became the innovator, pioneer and leader in manufacturing highly reliable snow and ice control equipment. Throughout our 86+ years in business Meyer has been fully committed to fulfilling our customer’s needs and expectations.

A name that make all think of winter and snow removal. Chances are You know someone that had or has a Meyers Plow. Meyers has keeped on going and invested in new designs and technologies creating a line up of plows that start from the small path pro all the way up to Large trucks and Equipment. Straight and V-Blade models are available.

Meyers Spreaders

The Polyhawk is designed to be your snow and ice removal spreader not only for this season, but for many to come. Featuring an unprecedented ten-year warranty on the virtually indestructible polyethylene insert hopper, Meyer dares you to compare the features of the Polyhawk to any other poly hopper spreader on the market.

Arctic Spreaders

You'll want to spread the word about our hardy line of salting and sanding solutions. Our hitch mount models toss salt, calcium chloride or other ice melting materials more than 40 feet with ease. Available in three sizes, our galvanized steel spreaders are built to withstand corrosion and extreme cold.

We supply a full lineup of plows. straight blades, winged plows and V-Plows. From a Jeep to a 5 ton truck, our plow suppliers have something for you! We service what we sell and much more. We carry the Arctic Plow & Sander line, we carry the Snow Dogg & Sander line, we carry the Meyer Snowplow & Sander line and the SnowEx line. We have trained technicians on hand to service, repair or install your new plow, we carry parts, accessories and a variaty of models in stock for quick needs.

Come in and check out our inventory of new and used plows & sanders. Wanna trade your old plow or sander for a new one, we do that too. Swing by with your old plow or sander and we will give you a quote on a trade in for a new one. We offer financing, leasing, sales, service and training.

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