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Morooka Carriers


The Morooka 800VD carriers maneuver in tight spaces and offer a 4.8 ton payload.


  • Length 14' 9" / 17' 9"
  • Width 8'
  • Height 8' 3"
  • Min. Ground Clearance 18"
  • Gauge 5' 7"
  • Track Width 24"
  • Length of Dump/Flat Bed 8' 8" / 11' 11"
  • Width of Dump/Flat Bed 6' 8"
  • Machine Weight 14,140 lbs.
  • Fuel Cap. (gal.) 27.7 gal.
  • Engine Mfg. CATERPILLAR® / C4.4
  • Horse Power 129
  • Transmission HST
  • Maximum Load 10,584 lbs.
  • Travel Speed (Low - High) 5.1 - 7.5 mph
  • Ground Pressure (empty) 2.3 psi
  • Ground Pressure (loaded) 3.8 psi


The Morooka 2200VD provides a wide range of versatility. Powered by a Caterpillar® C-7 engine, the 2200 delivers in the most difficult job sites.


  • Full Length 19' 10"
  • Full Width 10'
  • Height 10' 5"
  • Min. Ground Clearance 17"
  • Gauge 6' 9"
  • Track Width 30"
  • Length of Dump Bed 11' 10"
  • Width of Dump Bed 8' 1"
  • Machine Weight 29,320 lbs.
  • Fuel Cap. (gal.) 63.4 gal.
  • Engine Mfg. Caterpillar® / C7
  • Horse Power 250
  • GPH @ 2200 RPM'S 14.1
  • Transmission HST
  • Maximum Load 24,255 lbs.
  • Travel Speed (Low - High) 5.0 - 7.5 mph
  • Ground Pressure (empty) 3.1 psi
  • Ground Pressure (loaded) 5.7 psi

Morooka Rubber Track Carriers with their excellent load capacity and traction, take you where other machines cannot go. Morooka also offers a variety of sizes which help you match the right machine to the job.

Hydrostatic Transmission:
The hydrostatic transmission allows for economical use of the engine’s full power. All steering maneuvers can be executed with a pair of single-hand control levers. Two speed ranges can be selected with a flip of the toggle switch. The H.S.T. system completely eliminates the need for clutch and gear controls making the Morooka carrier highly maneuverable which helps complete your projects on time and on budget.

Durable Rubber Tracks:
The rubber tracks offered on our Morooka carriers are the result of over 50 years of joint development from Bridgestone and Morooka. The rubber tracks combine the characteristics of a tire equipped vehicle, such as speed and a smooth ride, while providing the traction of a steel track. Rubber tracks offer the best of all worlds with low ground pressure, high performance movement and excellent traction.

Easy Maintenance:
The Morooka Rubber Track Carriers main components (engine, hydraulic pumps, drive motors, and steering levers) are easily accessible, allowing for reliability and convenient maintenance. Cabin and Operator’s Seat The “first class” cabin on the Morooka Rubber Track Carriers are extremely roomy. The efficient heating and air conditioning offer maximum comfort on the 1500, 2200 and 3000 models. The new shape of the cabin with its large windows offer the operator excellent visibility while increasing safety as well. Undercarriage The floating bogie-wheel undercarriage on the Morooka machines are always in contact with the ground and absorb the shocks that occur from running on uneven ground. The unique Morooka undercarriage allows for a stable and smooth ride with less vibration which results in less driver fatigue and more productivity on the job site.
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